Touch Ups or Partial Tanning

We can customize specific area spray and pricing for our customers upon request.

Face and Neck only$10
Arms only$10
Legs only$15
"Farmers Tan" Fix Up (requires special shading)$15

Please note that a $10.00 convenience charge will be added to Touch Up’s/partial tanning prices for mobile services.

Full Body Tans

Walkin’ On Sunshine will custom blend colors for all customers and Party attendants so everyone achieves the most beautiful, Natural Healthy Glo

Full Body Natural Looking Tan$45
Full Body Natural Looking Tan w/ Existing Heavy Tan Line or "Farmer's Tan" Fix Up$50
Full Body Natural Looking Tan w/ Added Definition (Contouring)$50+

Bridal Packages

The Bridal Package includes two sessions. The first session includes the skin analysis, consultation and first spray. The second session is the WEDDING SPRAY!!! Pricing for this package comes to 70.00 per person. If you have 3 additional attendants, the bride’s tanning is half off! If you have 4 or more additional attendants, the bride’s tanning is FREE!

Tanning Parties

Get a group of friends together, set out some snacks and beverages and let the fun begin! $40.00 per person for groups of 5 or more and party hostess is free! Call for pricing with smaller groups.

* Pricing is subject to an additional small fee, if location of tanning party is more than 15 miles from our location.

Sweet 16/Birthday Tanning Parties

Same pricing as the regular tanning party with the guest of honor receiving the free tanning session.